Footage out of Denver over the weekend shows Colorado State Police arresting a demonstrator who had a concealed pistol during a coronavirus lockdown protest.

The incident, which took place at an Open Up Colorado rally outside the statehouse on Sunday, happened in full view of protesters, who shouted at state troopers as they arrested the man.

“Why don’t you go arrest the criminal scum taking everyone’s rights?” one onlooker yells at the cops.

“These are the people who are gonna come give you vaccines one day,” another person shouts.

Video shot by fellow protesters show police taking the man down to the ground, placing his hands behind his back and cuffing him, as they confiscate multiple magazines.

The person who uploaded the footage to Twitter, @reallouiehuey, reported the man was carrying two concealed pistols and had a concealed carry permit.

“The man was carrying two pistols. He is a permitted carrier. He was on the sidewalk and not starting anything. He was not brandishing or threatening,” Huey wrote on Twitter.

Huey added police only learned of the man’s weapon when the wind blew, lifting up his shirt and revealing the pistols.

“His shirt blew in the wind and the cops saw his weapon,” Huey stated, adding in another tweet, “We were at the open up Colorado rally and his shirt blew up and the police arrested him.”

Speaking with Infowars, Mr. Huey claimed the man was not behaving in threatening manner, or brandishing his pistols when police confronted him. Huey states police did not attempt to deescalate the situation prior to taking the man down.

“They actually tackled him without disarming him,” Huey told Infowars. “Those guns could have gone off in the tackle, injuring everyone around. Really nasty stuff.”

This is a developing story…

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