Thousands of Trump supporters poured out into the streets of Washington DC on Saturday to show their well-wishes for President Trump as he receives treatment for the coronavirus at Walter Reed Hospital.

The march was part of a planned Walk Away “Unsilent Majority” event at Freedom Plaza to campaign against the Democrat Party and for Trump and the Republicans, but has since morphed into a “Get Well Soon” rally.

Patriots wished Trump the best in his battle against the coronavirus.

“We’re rooting for you, God Bless you, you’re doing a great job,” said Robert, a Trump supporter. “Hang in there. I know he’s a fighter, he’ll come back from this no problem. But it shows that even the president can be susceptible to something like this, and it’s no big deal, you just fight through it and carry on.”

Hundreds of pro-Trump bikers were seen kneeling in silent prayer for the president’s recovery.

The event has been largely peaceful, but several Black Lives Matter supporters were arrested trying to disrupt the event.

Jon Rappoport breaks down the dire circumstances President Trump is in as he’s being given experimental and highly dangerous drugs as part of his coronavirus treatment at Walter Reed Hospital.

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