For many, Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate was a major low-energy event, but CNN analyst Van Jones hit it on the nose when he claimed none of the candidates on stage could “take down” Trump.

“As a progressive to see those two have that level of vitriol was dispiriting,” Van Jones told a panel during the network’s post-debate coverage. “And I want to say that tonight for me was dispiriting.”

Jones continued, reiterating what most Trump supporters already know.

“Democrats will have to do better than we saw tonight. There was nothing I saw tonight to suggest we’ll be able to take Donald Trump out and I want to see a Democrat in the White House as soon as possible. There was nothing tonight, if you’re looking at this thing, to say any of these people are prepared for what Donald Trump will do to us. And to see further divisions tonight is very dispiriting.”

Watch the full clip:

Owen confronted Anderson Cooper ahead of the Democrat debate. Soon after the cops were called on him and forced him to leave the area.

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