A Joe Biden supporter outside the venue of last night’s debate in Cleveland who said she wanted to “kill all men” also let slip that she has daddy issues.

The exchange occurred during a live stream by YouTuber Baked Alaska a few hours before the Trump-Biden debate showdown began.

After Baked Alaska made clear that he was a Trump supporter, the young woman launched into a feminist rant about how much she hated men and loved abortion.

“Kill all men, I do believe in that,” said the woman.

“You believe in kill all men?” asked Baked Alaska.

“I do believe in that, yeah,” she re-affirmed.

The woman was then asked, “How’s your relationship with your father?”

“Oh fantastic – he’s not in my life,” she responded.

And there it is.

After saying she wanted to “kill all men,” the young woman later accused Baked Alaska of having “extreme” beliefs.

The “kill all men” slogan has been a common refrain for feminists for years and has trended on Twitter numerous times before.

The exchange ended with a lengthy debate between the two female Biden supporters and anti-abortion activists who had also gathered outside the perimeter of the debate venue.


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