A Rolls Royce branch in the UK has introduced “squat toilets” on its premises as part of its drive for “diversity and inclusion”.

In an email exclusively obtained by Summit News which was sent out to staff at a Rolls Royce branch in Derby, bosses write, “As part of Rolls Royce’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are pleased to announce that there is now a cultural toilet available.”

“The toilet (also known as a squat toilet) is open with immediate effect,” states the email.

Squat toilets are mainly used in Africa and the Middle East. The usually consist of just a toilet pan or bowl at floor level and do not have a seat.

Similar toilets were installed in a shopping center in Rochdale, which has a high Muslim population, back in 2010 “after bosses went on a cultural awareness course.”


Back in 2016, staff at the University of Sheffield had to post signs showing foreign students how to use toilets, advising them not to squat on the seat, after “cleaners grew fed up of cleaning up mess”.

A lengthy guide was also posted on the Study Links website explaining to international students how to use the bathroom properly.

Some people claim that squat toilets are healthier for bowel functions, although this isn’t the reason they’re being installed in western countries.


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