In what some are lamenting as a perfect illustration of the state of law enforcement in the United Kingdom, a video shows a police officer performing a ‘coronavirus rap’ through a loudspeaker in an effort to make people stay inside their homes.

The full cringe is as follows;

Yo, this is Derby Police.
Don’t be afraid, we come in peace.
The government said so listen up quick.
Take our advice and you may not get sick.
Stay at home whenever you can.
Don’t go out on the streets with your fam.
Don’t walk around in two or more, or we’ll come knocking at your door.
Only go to the shop for essential things like bread, milk, fruit and cheese strings.
Go stretch your legs but only one time.
Do as we say or you might get a fine.
Please help us to fight this disease.
Lots of love from your favorite PCs.

“That’s the language people speak & understand round here,” said the individual who posted the video.

The rap is presumably part of an effort to connect with the UK’s poorer and minority demographics, some of whom aren’t very compliant when it comes to observing quarantine laws.

The fact that the rap was performed by Derbyshire Police is fitting.

That particular police force received a barrage of criticism on two separate occasions – first for using a drone to spy on and publicly shame dog walkers in remote countryside – and second for dying a blue lagoon black in order to deter people from gathering there.

“Imagining some over promoted mixed race millennial grad with an afro being asked to write a rap by police constable lesbian cunt to keep the normies locked up in their shitty terraced boxes,” said one respondent after watching the rap video.


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