UC Berkeley are investigating Ian Dabney Miller, who is allegedly an employee at the university, after he was caught bragging about and celebrating the assault of a MILO fan during the Breitbart senior editor’s event on Wednesday.

Miller, who attended the protest-turned-riot on Wednesday, uploaded several pictures to his since-privatized Twitter account, including one of an injured attendee lying on the floor with the caption “hey come get your boy, he got ROCKED #miloatcal.”

“WE REP THE BAY,” declared Miller in another uploaded picture. “BICKIN BACK IN BERKELEY,” read another.

“Bickin back” is a slang term created by the Bloods gang, and means kicking or fighting back.

Miller also uploaded pictures celebrating “the traditional burning of the MAGA hat,” and showing off the non-lethal bullets that police fired at violent rioters.

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