Big tech and the left are not expecting Trump to strike back because they are used to politicians who do their bidding. President Trump has warned that he will be making moves against the globalist agenda as he continues to put America first.

No Joke! Facebook Officially Announces Mark Of The Beast System/Chinese Social Credit Score

Obama Official Created A CIA Office To Censor Conservatives Before Leaving Office

MSM Calls Trump A Conspiracy Theorist Over Tech Giant Censorship

The Rise Of Human Freedom Cannot Be Halted

69 Days Out The Democrats Are Publicly Stealing The Midterms

Each Soul Is A Universe With Unlimited Potential

EU Plans To Destroy Memes – Fight Back!

Smoking Gun! Wiklieaks Documents Show Democratic Party Merged With Big Tech In 2012

Trump Is Decentralizing The System

First Amendment Act Addendum Can Save Our Voice & The Internet

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