Stunning raw footage has just been released of a ‘Syrian’ man illegally crossing from New York State into Canada, claiming he is unsafe in the US and seeking asylum from the Canadian government.

Investigative reporter Faith Goldy and her team had stationed themselves on a road popular for illicit passage between the neighboring countries, and within an hour they were able to capture the shocking video.

A taxi stops in the middle of the street, on the New York side of the border, and a well-dressed man exits with his bags and proceeds to walk towards the Quebec when Goldy confronts him.

“Hi there, sir, where are you from?” she asks.

“Syria,” the man replies.

“Why are you fleeing New York State?” she prods. “Why are you going to Canada?”

The man refuses to answer, but is then confronted by Canadian police, who advise him that he cannot proceed without being arrested.

“Criminal charges will be pressed against you,” an officer announces, requesting that the ‘Syrian’ use a legal border checkpoint to enter Canada.

“I cannot, I’m not safe,” claims the ‘Syrian,’ as he continues to advance. “I am a refugee.”

“I’m not safe – I’m a refugee,” he repeats. “I am from Syria.”

After again being ordered to report to the official border crossing or be apprehended, the ‘Syrian’ willingly surrenders himself to the officers, saying, “Okay, arrest me from here. We will phone them.”

At this point, the man is walked to a police cruiser, not in handcuffs, as the officers assist him with his luggage.

Goldy is visibly shocked by the entire exchange, noting, “It was all just kind of nonchalant… I still can’t believe what I just saw.”

“What’s going to happen right now, is he is going to be taken to a nearby legal border crossing, where he’s going to be screened, probably for a medical screening,” she explains. “Then they will walk him through some paperwork, where he will probably tell them he is a refugee.”

The episode closely resembles similar accounts of well-dressed, comfortable ‘refugees’ ‘fleeing’ from the United States to Canada, such as this report from the Atlantic in February, 2017 –

[Reuters photographer, Christinne Muschi] was photographing refugees, traveling alone or in small groups, who had taken taxis to the end of the road in the U.S., then walked across the border into Canada, into the custody of the RCMP.

While the location is not an official border crossing, it is one of several spots that have become informal gateways to an increasing number of refugees choosing to leave the United States.

Muschi reports that “in Quebec, 1,280 refugee claimants irregularly entered between April 2016 and January 2017, triple the previous year’s total.” and that “the Canada Border Services Agency said in January that 452 people made a refugee claim at Quebec land border crossings.”

It is likely that this surge of illegal immigrants exiting the US in favor of Canada is due to their fear of deportation by the new Trump administration, which contrasts greatly with the policies of globalist Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who has announced that diversity and multiculturalism supersede laws and borders.

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