The Obama administration likely spied on the incoming Trump administration, a majority of respondents said in a recent poll.

In Rasmussen Reports poll results released Monday, 47% of likely voters said they believed it’s at least “somewhat likely” Obama, or his aides knew about intelligence agencies picking up Trump transition team communications, in addition to 32% who believed it “very likely.”

“But 42% don’t think it’s likely, with 27% who say it’s Not at All Likely,” reports Rasmussen.

Additionally, a third of voters (33%) think the Obama administration disseminated information about the Trump transition team gleaned from intelligence reports throughout other federal agencies, with about 48 percent disagreeing with that charge, and 19% saying they are not sure.

The poll results correlate with respondents’ political identities.

“Among Republican voters, 73% say Obama and his inner circle were aware of the spying on Trump officials, and 59% of those voters believe secretly obtained information was leaked to the press. Most Democrats disagree with both of those statements. Voters not affiliated with either political party are more evenly divided on both questions.”

Back in March, former US President Barack Obama was accused by President Trump of illegally wiretapping Trump Tower communications.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes subsequently revealed surveillance had indeed been conducted on the Trump transition team by the previous administration, but has not yet revealed the extent of the surveillance.

Former Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice recently admitted to unmasking the names of Trump transition officials in intelligence reports, which she called “part of the job,” but denied allegations that she shared reports with other agencies or used the information for political purposes.

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