It’s not necessarily news, that no one watches the Cleveland Browns. After all, Cleveland has lost 22 of their last 23 games and seems determined to set new marks for organizational futility. So the fact that the Browns can’t draw flies, shouldn’t necessarily cause alarm bells to go off.

However, because emptying stadiums seems to be the one thing the Browns do well, let’s give them their due by showing the “crowd” that assembled in Cleveland for the Browns-Titans game this Sunday:

Okay, now that we’ve paid homage to the team that wrote the book on sports futility. Let’s show some teams that are slightly less familiar with fan alienation. Here’s Soldier Field on Sunday, as the Bears took on the Panthers:

Granted, the Bears came into this game with a 2-4 mark, and were by no means lighting the world on fire. However, they have a 1st round draft pick making his second start, in quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, and the Panthers coming in with a 4-2 record. To be clear, no way would this game ever get America’s Game of the Week treatment, but that’s a better game than the crowd size would suggest.

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