Police say six people were arrested Thursday evening at a Flint church during a town hall meeting on Flint Mayor Karen Weaver’s recommendation to stay on the Detroit water system.

Flint police Chief Tim Johnson addressed the more than 100 people who were gathered at House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church on West Carpenter Road prior to the town hall, asking men to remove their hats and issued a stern warning.

“I just want to make sure this meeting goes off the way it’s supposed to and that everybody’s respecting everyone,” he said. “Please don’t be in here trying to disrupt this meeting, because if you do I’m going to escort you out and I’m only going to take you to the back door and then you’re going to jail. I’m not going to play with nobody tonight.”

Officers stopped men wearing hats from entering the church sanctuary unless they removed them, and men who would not remove their hats were asked to leave. The issue led to arguments between members of the public and police.

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