The press is now criticizing President Trump over the fact that his name ‘Donald J. Trump’ has been scribed in a larger font than that of ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ on the ceremonial plaque at the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Really? Is there anything that these obsessed maniacs will not use to attack Trump?

Here come the blue checks…

To some, it is proof that everything Trump does is for himself (even though this deal was inked years ago):

Some complained of being ‘physically pained’ by the pictures:

Trump supporters found the snowflake-iness hilarious:

Of course, these same ‘reporters’ didn’t find time to report on the fact that Israelis having been out in their droves to express support for Trump.

Instead, the media primarily focused on blaming Trump for the riots in Gaza, attempting to link it to a decades old agreement on behalf of the US government to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

It never ends.

‘Celebrities’ weighed in with their important and balanced views:


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