The latest cause célèbre drawing the ire of Social Justice Warriors is none other than hoop earrings.

In an article entitled, “Hoop Earrings Are My Culture, Not Your Trend,” Vice writer Ruby Pivet accuses white women of appropriating the fashion accessory.

“Hoops exist across many minority groups as symbols of resistance, strength and identity,” Pivet writes.

White females, Pivet claims, are receiving praise for the “trend” while minorities are stereotyped.

“White girls did not start the ‘trend’ of over-sized hoop earrings and yet they’re the ones being praised for donning the ‘edgy’ style,” Pivet says. “Meanwhile, women of colour who wear them face racial stereotypes or the assumption that they’re participating in a disposable trend.”

Pointing to a recent Vogue article discussing hoop earrings, Pivet alleges the jewelry item is only taken seriously when donned by white females.

“They credited a bunch of mainly white models with starting the trend and even proclaimed that ‘bigger is better.’ Never has that been the case when it comes to women of colour wearing over-sized gold hoops,” Pivet adds. “A style that links so heavily with identity is not taken seriously until it is seen on a white woman.”

The article goes on to praise three latina women who earlier this year created a mural demanding white girls remove their earrings.

“This is about how women of colour can’t wear their own style and culture because they are looked down upon when they do so… But on the other hand, white females are allowed to appropriate the fashion when it is beneficial to them or makes them look edgy,” one of the women said regarding the art piece.

Hoop earrings now join an ever-expanding list of everyday items deemed racist or offensive by the so-called “progressive” left.

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