The Los Angeles Police Department came to the defense of leftists after they reportedly assaulted and terrorized Trump supporters at a rally on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this weekend.

The assembly was organized in an effort to preempt plans by Antifa communists to vandalize the President’s star, which has been damaged repeatedly in recent months.

While livestreaming the ensuing face-off, Tim Treadstone (Baked Alaska) engaged in a debate with a group who claimed that President Trump is “pro rape” before physically menacing Treadstone, calling him a “redneck,” and grabbing his camera while threatening to beat him into unconsciousness.

“You better get that camera out my face before I knock your ass out,” said one of the aggressors.

LAPD intervened, but shockingly they reprimanded Treadstone and ordered him to vacate the area.

“You need to go,” ordered one of the officers, while the empowered attackers behind him continued to freely yell threats at Treadstone and his associates.

“Go down there right now,” the officer ordered and pointed down the street, with the support of his partner who added, “We don’t want the conflict.”

Treadstone asked why he was being singled out and forced to leave a public space.

“If you go down there, all these people will follow you,” responded the officer, implying that it was Treadstone and his fellow patriots who should be forced to surrender to the pressure of violent antagonists in the interest of deescalating the conflict.

“He came up and said he was going to knock me out,” Treadstone told the officers.

“I don’t care what he said,” one responded. “He can say whatever he wants – they’re words. People can say whatever they want – just leave me alone.”

One of the culprits reportedly threatened to shoot Treadstone – and LAPD were seen being friendly with Antifa, who are notoriously anti-police.

According to journalist Cassandra Fairbanks, a complaint is being filed against the officers, Campbell and Anaya, whose badge numbers are provided in a Tweet by Treadstone.

Last week, Los Angeles Police Commissioner Matt Johnson was filmed laughing about on-going desecration of the Trump star.

“I’m in favor of it,” said Johnson of the vandalism.

“I’m definitely in favor of getting rid of the star,” he added.

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