Singer Joy Villa, who recently gained international fame after wearing a jaw-dropping “Make America Great Again” dress to the Grammy Awards, has released a video documenting her experience walking the streets of New York City in a blazing pro-Trump outfit.

Villa donned a “Make America Great Again” hat and Trump/Pence campaign t-shirt, accompanied by American flag-themed jumpsuit and backpack, and ventured out to gauge the public’s reactions – with some surprising results.

The response to Villa’s outfit was balanced, with the expected “f**k Trump” outbursts, but also some genuinely intrigued observers, and even admiration and support.

One man, a retired Army sergeant, expressed his appreciation for her ensemble, pulling a new MAGA hat from his bag and requesting a nearby store employee to take their picture, who responded semi-jokingly, “I’m probably gonna get fired.”

Another man told Villa that he does not like Trump because of “the way he talks,” before admitting that he primarily gets his (fake) news from CNN.

It may not have hurt Villa’s cause that she is an attractive mixed-race woman – her bio lists her as African-American, Italian, and Choctaw Indian – but the social experiment provided a promising glimpse that anti-Trump furor may be cooling off with the election nearly three months in the rear-view mirror.

As a whole, New York City voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton at over 78%, and the borough of Manhattan, where much of Villa’s video was shot, eclipsed 86% vote support for Clinton, despite Trump being arguably the most famous and productive thoroughbred New Yorker of our time.

Ms. Villa’s decision to wear a custom-designed, pro-Trump dress to the Grammy’s was highly effective in exhibiting the power of the Silent Majority, as sales of her albums and singles exploded by more than 54 million percent on Amazon in the days following the awards show, pushing her to dominance at the top of multiple charts in the process.

The latest video from Ms. Villa is a play on a viral video from 2014 called “10 Hours of Walking In NYC As a Woman.”

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