Gay, liberal atheist British television presenter Stephen Fry is being labeled a “white supremacist” because he did the OK hand sign.

Fry flashed up the dangerous symbol to promote Mental Health Awareness Week, tweeting, “Are you A.O.K?”

The media then made a story out of the “controversy,” quoting numerous imbeciles who claimed Fry was boosting alt-right racists.

“Didn’t have you down as part of the alt-right,” wrote one.

“Stephen and friends – You might want to be super careful using this symbol if you don’t want to be confused with white supremacist creeps,” added another.

Fry was forced to respond, tweeting, “I really will not allow the simple (OK) gesture to belong to the moronic dogwhistling catfishing foghorning frogmarching pigsticking d***waving few who attempt to appropriate it for their own fatuous fantasies.”

The comedian is well known for supporting all manner of liberal causes, from environmentalism to LGBT activism and is a lifelong supporter of the left-wing Labour Party.

So let me get this straight; Either Fry is a closet white supremacist who has been hiding his bigotry for 61 years behind a veil of left-wing political beliefs and liberal activism, or the media and the left is run by a cult that needs to constantly fan the flames of hysteria to convince everyone that neo-nazis are taking over society in order to obtain power and generate revenue.

You be the judge.

The notion that the ‘OK’ hand gesture is a secret white supremacist code was a troll started by 4chan which the media completely fell for.

As we reported last week, in a report about a Chicago Cubs fan who was banned for flashing up an ‘OK’ sign during a television broadcast, NBC News blurred out the image of the ‘offensive’ hand gesture.

Once again society is caught between a bunch of nihilistic, autistic 4chan sperglord trolls and a hysterical mainstream media that takes them seriously and then legitimizes their autism for ragebait clicks.

Welcome to clown world!


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