The man responsible for the Orlando killings, we’re told, was a devout Muslim who attended a mosque several times a week, brought a prayer rug to work, pledged his allegiance to ISIS, cheered the 9/11 massacre, traveled to Saudi Arabia, and was raised by his Taliban-loving father. Yet, despite all this reported evidence, Christians are being blamed for the killings.

There is no greater proof of why the Catholic League exists than this: Christians, especially Catholics, are typically held responsible for the sins of others, and this is doubly true when sexuality is implicated. Most troubling is the fact that the anti-Christian hate mongers are not just dopey bloggers—they are academics, lawyers, activists, and writers.

When it comes to Christian haters, few can top Jonathan Katz, a homosexual activist and University of Buffalo professor. Now he is deflecting attention from the role that ISIS played in the Muslim murders: he says the real culprits are Christians. In fact, he refers to the ISIS connection as merely the “ISIS thing,” as if the Islamic State were only tangentially related to the killings.

“The ISIS thing is a distraction,” Katz says, arguing that we should instead be “looking at the long legacy of anti-gay violence in this country that has itself been stoked and promoted by the Christian right.” The central problem, he says, is not to be found in “the Middle East,” but at home where the “homophobia problem” exists.

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