A video clip out of France shows a woman in a delicatessen pulling out a tape measure to enforce social distancing.

Yes, really.

The footage shows an older woman asking a younger woman in the queue behind her to move back.

She then fishes a tape measure out of bag and extends it out to make her point, before the younger woman moves further away.

The irony of the farce is that in complaining about a lack of social distancing, the older woman is herself violating social distancing by reaching out and almost touching the other woman.

The clip has gone viral, receiving almost 7 million views on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time an incident of this nature has been caught on camera.

As we highlighted back in July, another clip showed a woman hysterically screaming at people who had gathered near a lake while being restrained.

The woman screeched “Fuck you! Get out of here!” as she frantically flailed around holding a tape measure.

The intensity of the moral panic surrounding coronavirus that continues to be pumped out by the media is going to continue providing moments like this for many months to come.

As we previously highlighted, polls show that people think COVID-19 has killed far more people than it actually has, with Americans believing the virus has already claimed over 30 million lives.


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