Sometimes Family Guy is on point.

Yes, we know Seth MacFarlane is a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter. But much like Bill Maher, he’s one of the few intellectually honest ones (read Liberal ‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth MacFarlane Upsets Liberals with Conservative Tweet). Which means sometimes we get little snippets of politically incorrect fun.

Last Sunday, they tackled racism and the media

Peter Griffin: Everyone! Everyone! Listen, I have something to say. Cleveland Jr. Doesn’t deserve any of this. All those things you heard about Cleveland Jr. were lies. He didn’t do anything to me. He’s a good kid, from a good family. I just got scared, and I did something stupid. I swear, it had nothing to do with the color of his skin, but I did shoot him. I deserve to be held responsible for my actions. Even if that means going to jail.

Brown: Wait a minute. Peter didn’t shoot my son. I did. Peter was just taking the blame for me. He’s a good friend.

Takanawa: Eh, Mr. Brown, what exactly are you saying?

Brown: I’m saying that I, Cleveland Brown, a black man, shot Cleveland Brown, Jr., another black man.

Peter Griffin: Wait, wh-where did everybody go?

Brown: You want to make the media go away? Just mention black-on-black crime.

He’s not wrong. If a black person has committed a crime, the “all white people are evil scumbags of Nazi-like proportions” go out the window, to be replaced with silence. No calls for gun control, no constant asking about what motivated him, no blaming of the NRA. Remember Vester Flannigan? No? My point exactly. He killed his two coworkers on live television, his manifesto later revealed he shot them for racial reasons (read  WDBJ Shooter’s Offial Manifesto. Liberal, Racist Motives Surface…). You would’ve had back to back all day, every day media coverage of him had he been white. But Vester was a gay black man.


Compare that to the nonexistent Hands Up Don’t Shoot of the Michael Brown story, where a white cop was beaten up by a black man. Surprise, black guy got killed, media spun it like old vinyl. But…story wasn’t true. Michael Brown was, as it turned out, not that swell of a person. As science tells us, when you’re a jackass who tries to beat up a cop and take his weapon, you might get a cap popped in the ass. I saw it once on the Discovery Channel.


All of this to say, Family Guy has been watching the news and sees the hypocrisy. If black lives matter, then they should matter when other black guys kill black guys. Since that doesn’t fit the cute narrative, it doesn’t get reported. Which explains Chicago crime, as well as Baltimore, which celebrated its deadliest year ever. The celebratory cake is in the mail.

Speaking of cities that suck, here’s a fun video of Detroit…

~Written by Courtney Kirchoff

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