Dozens of news outlets ran with a misleading video spread by Politico on Monday to claim President Trump signed a kid’s MAGA hat and threw it callously into a crowd.

From the Free Beacon:

“A kid asks Trump to sign his hat at the White House Easter Egg Roll. The president signs … and then tosses the hat into the crowd,” Politico tweeted.

The video quickly went viral, racking up nearly ten thousands retweets and getting picked up by other outlets.

“Trump, using a thick Sharpie, put his signature on the bill of the cap, then looked up and lobbed it back into the crowd, with a smile, nowhere near the hand that had given it to him (presumably leaving the hat’s owner to scramble as Trump looked on and the crowd laughed),” the Washington Post reported.

Buzzfeed even claimed in a tweet that the poor kid ended up “without a hat.”

In reality, he threw it right back at the kid and was just having a little fun.

A search of Google News shows dozens of outlets ran with the video without any skepticism and the majority have yet to issue any corrections.

These are the paragons of honest journalism and truth seeking whom Facebook and Google are working overtime to artificially boost while acting to suppress us riffraff.

Of course, these same honest journalists lied us into the war in Iraq with fake news about WMDs and not one of these “fact checkers” questioned the Trump administration’s claim Bashar al-Assad carried out the recent chemical attack in Syria.

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