Frances Martel
March 10, 2014


Dennis Rodman is patiently waiting for the moment when the West credits him for single-handedly opening up North Korea to the rest of the world. The former basketball star and failed vigilante-diplomat told ESPN’s Mark Schwarz that he “hated” America’s reaction to his trip to the country, but apologized “if I put anybody in harm’s way.”

Rodman, who returned from the limelight after a hiatus and trip to rehab, told Schwarz that he had high hopes for North Korea. “It’s so intriguing to hear him talk about sports,” Rodman told Schwarz of the nation’s dictator, Kim Jong-Un, the foremost violator of human rights in the world. Rodman insisted that Kim was “moving to the twenty-first century,” and added that he was “hoping for, long term, it does open,” referring to the North Korean state. He insisted that he expected the state to fully open, and “if it does happen, watch all these people kiss my ass.”

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