Appearing on MSNBC, the staunchly liberal co-creator of the Daily Show described the silence of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as regards the Harvey Weinstein scandal as ‘disappointing’ and said it makes their previous ‘outrage’ against President Trump ‘ring hollow’.

“I feel it happens a lot with women’s issues and I feel really disappointed in both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,” Lizz Winstead told MSNBC host Katy Tur.

“If you took money from this person, because this person had really good progressive goals that were in line with the politics, great. When you find out that this person is a monster, especially a monster towards women, why wouldn’t you denounce it?” Winstead asked.

“Otherwise, you will never have credibility when trying to denounce, oh, I don’t know, a president who talks about the freedom to sexually assault a woman in a tape that we hear on Access Hollywood,” Winstead added, referring to the infamous ‘locker room’ comments of Donald Trump.

Winstead said that she fears Trump could be given “a pass because we didn’t call out this kind of behavior from Democrats.”

“Malia [Obama] interned for Harvey Weinstein. They got tens of thousands of dollars, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, from donations. How long can they stay silent?” Tur further questioned.

“It is up to us to demand from them – and why aren’t we demanding from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – ‘where is your statement? Please step up. We supported you,'” Winstead answered.

Hillary Clinton is currently appearing in public every single day, as part of her book tour. Her silence on the Weinstein case, particularly given her husband’s past indiscretions, as well as her previous campaigning for victims of sexual harassment to not “let anyone silence your voice.”

“You have a right to be heard,” Hillary stated in an ad last year. “You have a right to be believed. We’re with you.”

Clinton’s silence also coincides with news that she and Bill Clinton have not spoken for some time, after the former President reportedly criticized her book ‘What Happened’ as making her appear ‘bewildered, angry and confused’.

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