It appears the whole “cultural appropriation” meme has finally peaked.

From Fox News:

When Keziah Daum sported a traditional, Chinese cheongsam dress to her senior prom in Utah last month, she likely never intended her photos to go viral or be slammed as a “closet racist” over accusations of cultural appropriation. But days later, the 18-year-old began winning praise from an unexpected source — Chinese audiences and social media users.

On May 1, an article on Wenxue City News covering Daum’s story largely voiced applause for her look, the English-language outlet South China Morning Postreported.

“Very elegant and beautiful! Really don’t understand the people who are against her, they are wrong!” a supporter chimed in of the cheongsam, otherwise known as a qiapo. “I suggest the Chinese government, state television or fashion company invite her to China to display her cheongsam!”

“It is not cultural theft. It is cultural appreciation and cultural respect,” another agreed.

This is the idiot we have to thank for this reversal:

He’s still whining about it on Twitter. He just retweeted this on Thursday:

It’s hilarious watching Asian SJWs trying to culturally appropriate the “cultural appropriation” meme from African-Americans. Is he going to complain about being “profiled” by police next?

If you bought into this meme, now is probably a good time to sell.

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