A host of Hollywood celebrities have once again come together to pretentiously lecture everyone else with a cringe video in which they declare they ‘take responsibility’ for a host of previous sins including ‘remaining silent’ and ‘turning a blind eye’ to ‘unfair stereotypes’ and ‘police brutality’.

The video, produced by leftist group Campaign Zero, features Aaron Paul, Kristen Bell, and Sarah Paulson, along with a host of other virtue signalling TV actors you’ve probably seen but don’t really know the names of.

Watch (warning, it’s cringe factor 10):

The video claims that “black people are being slaughtered in the streets, killed in their own homes,” and that a range of activities such as going for a jog or sleeping “should not be a death sentence.”

Aaron Paul also decrees that “cops must be prosecuted, they are murderers.”

The comments on the YouTube version of the video were turned off after a massive backlash ensued.

An accompanying website, itakeresponsibility.org, can only be accessed after visitors genuflect and self-flagellate by choosing a sin they have committed from a handy drop down menu, and then vow to ‘make it better’ by choosing a solution.

The list of sins includes ‘denying white privilege exists’ and ‘saying “I Don’t see color”‘:

Visitors do have the option to ‘skip the pledge’ if they scroll down, but the only reward waiting is the cringe video.

The campaign was roundly mocked, with British comedian Ricky Gervais leading the way, noting the total lack of diversity in the video:

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