Contractor Steven Gern claims he was removed from Iraq after a testimonial on Islam he released last week went ultra-viral.

Gern, a former Marine and current security contractor, posted a video to his Facebook in which he described a purported conversation between himself and local Iraqis regarding how an unaccompanied, unarmed American might be treated by locals.

The video amassed well over 50 million views across multiple accounts and platforms, as it correlated directly with the fake “Muslim ban” that had enraged leftists and Islamists around the world.

In a series of recent updates, Gern states that he was forced to flee back to the United States due to death threats.

In the video above, Gern is clearly by himself on an operational plane that he says is landing at Baghdad International Airport.

“If what I said wasn’t 100% true, why in the world would it be so important to get me removed from this country 16 hours after that video was posted?” asks Gern. “Seriously guys – think about it. See y’all back in the States here real soon.”

“So here I am, on my way out of here,” says Gern in a follow-up video that looks to be shot on the tarmac outside of the plane from the prior video. “Pretty frickin’ crazy, but that’s the way it rolls. Speak your mind, and that’s what happens boys. Get used to it.”

Gern explains that his video had reached 26 million views and Facebook locked him out of accessing his account. He tells viewers that he will upload all further updates to YouTube upon his return home, and also that he will likely never be welcome in Iraq again.

Gern’s most recent post depicts him walking a jet bridge to an awaiting Turkish Airlines passenger plane, with the caption, “So there you go. My last walk out of BAGHDAD Intentional [sic] Airport. All for telling the truth about have is happing [sic] on the ground.”

Some social media users have claimed that Gern’s stories are fraudulent, but there are no indicators that he has been dishonest thus far. Accounts attempting to debunk Gern have yet to provide sufficient evidence, and many look to be fake, or are operated by leftist, pro-Hillary proponents who undoubtedly oppose Donald Trump’s temporary travel and immigration moratorium from jihadist hotbeds, such as Iraq.

Many users have come to Gern’s defense, professing to know him personally and vouching for his credibility, as well as confirming that he was recently positioned in Iraq.

According to Gern’s statements, he would have been evacuated on, or around, February 2nd. All videos updates were posted to YouTube on February 5th – the same day as an Instagram post by a friend of Gern’s, welcoming him home.

It is interesting to note that multiple copies of Gern’s viral video have disappeared from the web, including a version below that was flagged by YouTube for violating their “policy on hate speech.”

Steven Gern’s LinkedIn bio describes him as follows –

“Driven, exacting and self-motivated professional with 10+ years of distinguished service in the U.S. Marine Corps and 10+ years as a Personal Security Specialist in a High Threat Environment. Embody and reinforce core values that define success in team building, training, program management, and continuous improvement. Respected as a sound Leader, professional program manager, and technically and tactfully competent security consultant. Skilled in identifying and correcting flaws, deficiencies and gaps in security in any High Threat environment.”

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