Smashing Pumpkins founder examines the transformative power of alternative media towards a total paradigm shift.
March 22, 2013

In this must see interview, Smashing Pumpkins founder and frontman Billy Corgan examines the power of the alternative media and citizen journalists, who are wielding truth as a truly transformative weapon in the age of information-warfare.

Corgan comments extensively on Alex Jones’ unique position at the tip of the spear of resistance, piercing through the mainstream media’s trance-like shroud which veils reality from the masses while the Wizard of Oz-like controllers operate behind the curtain to manipulate our society and steer our consciousness.

In a conversation that spanned nearly an hour during the iconic alternative rocker’s surprise visit to the Infowars studio, Billy Corgan urges a more spiritual approach to the truth movement that seeks to expose the hardening global tyranny. Instead, that system could be overwhelmed and defeated if only average people would recognize their stake in waking up and connecting with the streaming continuity of humanity. It is our job to reach those people.

Without a doubt, Corgan’s deep and frank conversation is of the utmost importance to everyone who values their future and wants to empower individuals around the world. If we face the challenge, we can embrace a total paradigm shift; otherwise humanity faces capture by a mesmerizing and ultimately empty illusory system where people are reduced to mere spectators.

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