There is a push by Republicans in the Arkansas legislature to replace the statues that have represented the state in the U.S. Capitol for the past century. But one of the statues they want removed happens to be related to Arkansas Democrat Clarke Tucker, leading him to charge Republicans pushing for its removal with “petty politics.”

Each state has two statues in the Capitol in Washingon, D.C., and Arkansas has debated changing its statues since Congress began allowing for changes in 2000, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. The state is currently represented by Uriah Rose, founder of the Little Rock-based Rose Law Firm and, more controversially, James Paul Clarke, a former governor and senator who fought for white supremacy to remain a the key doctrine of the Democratic Party.

Clarke is the great-great-grandfather of Democratic state lawmaker Clarke Tucker, who first spoke out against removing the statue when it was proposed in 2014.

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