Chris White
October 15, 2008

Timing is everything.
On September 29, the United States stock market crashed, falling 777 points. Just in time for the fallout, a worldwide financial collapse, the movie Zeitgeist Addendum was released. The film, right on cue, explains the obvious, how a flawed financial system failed, and how it exploited the hard work, savings and investments of all of those that lost their money to this system. It simultaneously heaps blame on free markets and religion, while calling for a global shift in consciousness.

This new paradigm is of course an old paradigm. It’s an open call for socialism. One need look no further than Karl Marx to see the parallels between Zeitgeist Addendum’s linking a distaste for free markets and religion. This should set off some rather loud alarm bells in the minds of patriotic and freedom loving Americans.

Most of those that have been actively observing the global elite have likewise understand that a pre-planned financial crash has been in the works for some time. Nickolas Sarozky president of the EU says he wants a new global economic system to rise out of the ashes of this crash which, in his own words is expressed as a "new world.” order.

Zeitgeist Addendum seems to further the cause for this New World Order, neo-socialist paradigm. With America politicians and representatives ignoring the masses and passing off the debt of banks on to the general public, one can see the seeds of new world socialism emerging right here in America. It’s no coincidence that just as the New World Order beings implementing marxist thought in so called free countries, Zeitgeist Addendum shows up to incite the masses in a global call for marxism.

If one should prefer to save 2 hours and skip watching Zeitgeist Addendum, its proposals are clearly spelled out in a relatively unknown book entitled “The Externalization of the Hierarchy” written by Alice Bailey. Actually Bailey claimed to have channeled an “Ascended Master” known as “the Tibetan” or Djwhal Khul who penned the book through her.

Bailey was also the founder of the theosophical Lucifer Trust (later changed to Lucis Trust). Please note, that the solution to the faltering global economy offered by Zeitgeist Addendum is "The Venus Project." Venus, also known as the morning star is synonymous with the term Lucifer.

Some of the highlights from Bailey’s The Externalization of the Heirarchy include the following:


"The problem of money will have to be faced; the problem of the distribution of wealth – whether natural or human – will need careful handling and a compromise reached between those nations which possess unlimited resources and those who have few or none; the problem of the varying forms of national government must be faced with courage and insight; the restoration – psychological, spiritual and physical – of mankind must constitute a primary responsibility. The sense of security must be put on a firm basis – the basis of right relationship, and not the basis of force. Men must feel secure because they are seeking to develop international goodwill and can trust each other, and are not therefore dependent upon the strength of their armies and fleets."

For those that have seen Zeitgeist Addendum, this should sound familiar, as it is the basis for the
entire film.

Bailey’s EOTH also includes specifics as to the nature of the New World Order and the following are just some of the links between Bailey’s work and Zeitgeist Addendum:


“The new world order will recognize that the produce of the world, the natural resources of the planet and its riches, belong to no one nation but should be shared by all. There will be no nations under the category "haves" and others under the opposite category. A fair and properly organized distribution of the wheat, the oil and the mineral wealth of the world will be developed, based upon the needs of each nation, upon its own internal resources and the requirements of its people. All this will be worked out in relation to the whole.”

“The new world order will be founded on the recognition that all men are equal in origin and goal but that all are at differing stages of evolutionary development; that personal integrity, intelligence, vision and experience, plus a marked goodwill, should indicate leadership. The domination of the proletariat over the aristocracy and bourgeoisie, as in Russia, or the domination of an entrenched aristocracy over the proletariat and middle classes, as has been until lately the case in Great Britain, must disappear. The control of labor by capital or the control of capital by labor must also go.”

“In the new world order, the governing body in any nation should be composed of those who work for the greatest good of the greatest number and who at the same time offer opportunity to all, seeing to it that the individual is left free. Today the men of vision are achieving recognition, thus making possible a right choice of leaders. It was not possible until this century.”

“The new world order will be founded on an active sense of responsibility. The rule will be "all for one and one for all." This attitude among nations will have to be developed. It is not yet present.”

“In the preparatory period for the new world order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce and organize any equipment for destructive purposes or to infringe the security of any other nation. One of the first tasks of any future peace conference will be to regulate this matter and gradually see to the disarming of the nations.”

“These are the simple and general premises upon which the new world order must begin its work. These preliminary stages must be kept fluid and experimental; the vision of possibility must never be lost, and the foundations must be preserved inviolate, but the intermediate processes and the experimentations must be carried forward by men who, having the best interests of the whole at heart, can change the detail of organization whilst preserving the life of the organism.”

One should first take into consideration the many similarities between Bailey and the marxist propaganda espoused in Zeitgeist Addendum. It is then a much simpler task to view the film’s open call for global socialism as one and the same as the New World Theosophical religious and social order being so aptly adhered to by the high level occultists that are, in fact the global elite.
In doing so, the following information should come as no shock and simply, further proof of collusion between two seemingly opposite groups. As you can see, they are no more opposite than Republican and Democrat. Outwardly so yes, but certainly behind the scenes both are controlled by the same invisible hand.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

The Venus Project which has already in name been linked to Lucifer, is obviously a socialist movement. Founded by Jacque Fresco, upon first glance it may appear similar to one of the multitude of ill fated hippy communes of the 1960’s. But upon further study, it too is rooted in the same NWO/Occult/Theosophical belief structure.

One of the basic premises of The Venus Project is that we work towards having all of the Earth’s resources as the common heritage of all the world’s people. Anything less will simply result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems inherent in the present system.”

This is exactly what Bailey wrote of in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The links between The Venus Project and the essence of Secret Societies does however run even deeper than the call for a communistic sharing of world resources.

33rd degree masonic author Manley P Hall said of America’s link to the new Atlantis, “The New Atlantis sets forth an ideal government of the earth. It foretells that day when in the midst of men there shall rise up a vast institution composed of the philosophic elect — an order of illumined men banded together for the purpose of investigating the laws of life and the mysteries of the universe … The age of boundaries is closing, and we are approaching a nobler era when nations shall be no more; when the lines of race and caste shall be wiped out; when the whole earth shall be under one order, one government, one administrative body." -Manly P Hall "Lectures on
Ancient Philosophy," published by the Philosophical Research Society Inc, Los Angeles (1970)”

Hall, along side of Rosicrucians like Francis Bacon, clearly defined the New World Order’s drive to recreate Atlantis, and this theme clearly “resurfaces” in Fresco’s “architecture”, specifically in his “Circular City”. (pictured on the right)

The Circular City image (above) is one that is notably comparable to artistic visions of Atlantis based upon Plato’s description of the sunken city (below).


Another warning sign of Fresco’s New World Order mentality is
his desire to see technology steering mankind’s destiny. Many
patriots shiver at the idea of biometric identification, specifically
the idea of implantable microchips that could be used to track and
control humans in ways up until recently only envisioned in the
Bible. Fresco’s vision for the future of humanity goes well beyond
that of a simple microchip implant. He foresees humanity needing
to merge with machine or else risk de-evolution.


“When biological technology becomes further advanced, human beings as we know them, will become a modified species. If we as human beings fail to include the possibility of this development in our overall, social evolution we will witness the decline of our species” -Jacque Fresco The Best that Money Can’t buy, Beyond Politics, Poverty, & War.

These are not mere coincidences. While seemingly “revolutionary” in thought, Fresco and his school of thought as espoused by the Zeitgeist vision of rebellion against the system are part and parcel of the same social upheaval being called for, not by humanitarians, but by those that have
been planning for the New World Order from it’s earliest stages.

It should also be noted that Zeitgeist Addendum begins and ends with speaking from Krisnamurti who was raised from boyhood by the Theosophical Society to be a "world teacher". Even though he broke from the group after declining to be the messiah he maintained a friendly relationship by most accounts.

This is not unlike others within the “Truth Movement” such as Michael Tsarion, who openly admits he was, from an early age taught by theosophist if not raised by them. [url=****************************/phpbb3_aux/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=998&st=0&sk=t&sd=a]his connections to the group[/url] are quite interesting.

This peculiar affinity with the occult is nothing out of the ordinary with Zeitgeist. Part 1 of the initial Zeitgeist film was based on the work of a man that loved theosophy so much he apprently named himself Jordan Maxwell after Helena Blavatsky’s "Jordanus Maximus". (see also Debunking Jordan Maxwell)

Before discounting the political power of Theosophy and its desire to infiltrate the truth seekers you need to understand its concept of seed groups. These groups were sent forth to work in stealth so as to be nurtured without competition from those that would see them for what they truly are. When one wonders how or why anyone offering truth about the occult could in fact be
part of the New World Order, they need look no further than Alice Bailey.

One of the most specific goals of the theosophist, as dictated in The Externalization of the Hierarchy is the following:


“The education of the advanced thinkers, of the aspirants and world disciples in applied knowledge, expressed wisdom and occult understanding. This group synthesizes all that is available in the other two groups and thus forms the nucleus of the Kingdom of God, of the fifth kingdom which is so rapidly coming into being.”

According to the Theosophy, starting with it’s founder Blavatsky, god is really Lucifer. This is luciferian theology, not Christian doctrine.


“The devil is now called Darkness by the Church, whereas, in the Bible he is called the "Son of God", the bright star of the early morning, Lucifer. There is a whole philosophy of dogmatic craft in the reason why the first Archangel, who sprang from the depths of Chaos, was called Lux (Lucifer), the "Luminous Son of the Morning," or man- vantaric Dawn. He was transformed by the Church into Lucifer or Satan, because he is higher and older than Jehovah, and had to be sacrificed to the new dogma. -Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

Zeitgeist Addendum held over one central theme from its predecessor, that Jesus was and is just another name for all of the other gods of antiquity. Unfortunately in Zeitgeist’s extensive reference material webpage and/or reference book there is nothing that specifically backs up any of these claims.
If you can prove the claims in Part 1 of
Zeitgeist, by all means follow the links and win yourself some money.

There is actually a good reason why theosophy wants to particularly discredit this on particular religion this youtube video by a non-christian sums it up nicely.

It should be noted that any critical thinker can’t help but to agree with many of the practical points and issues raised in the Zeitgeist Addendum. It is however, so very important to be cautious about who we as truth seekers run to while trying to seek understanding in these confusing times.

The key to understanding why the New World Order has chosen to expose itself lies in Bailey’s Externalization of the Heirarchy.

“The new world order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience. The new world order must lay the foundation for a future world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and of rebuilding.”

You know about Bohemian Grove. You know the signs and symbols that prove the elitists working towards a New World Order are part of a luciferian death cult. Now you need to ask yourself why those working to expose the New World Order are also linked to the same luciferian and occult beliefs.

The New World Order seems to have emerged to play the scapegoat for the order that will follow it. This second world order is the Theosophists’ Kingdom of God. Blavatsky told us who their god is. It is Lucifer. And how better a way to have a luciferian antichrist arrive on the scene, to be taken seriously by all as he crushes the New World Order, seemingly rescuing all of humanity
from the clutches of its tyrannical all seeing eye.

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