YouTube is set to ‘fight the trolls’ by giving an army of trolls the power to mass flag and delete content with which they disagree, opening the door to brazen political censorship in a move that has been slammed by numerous prominent YouTubers.

In a video posted this week, YouTube announced its “Heroes” program, which turns censorship into a game by allowing users to earn points and ascend to new levels. Once a user reaches the higher levels, they are given the power to report “inappropriate” videos, “mass flag” videos and delete comments.

The video features a cartoon portrayal of someone mass flagging videos for deletion via a dashboard.

The policy is so unpopular that it has received over 415,000 ‘thumbs down’ compared with just over 7,000 ‘thumbs up’. The backlash was so vitriolic that YouTube has disabled the comments on the video.

YouTube is apparently unaware of the fact that although censoring the Internet in countries like North Korea is tolerated, it’s extremely unpopular in the west.

The policy follows hot on the heels of another hugely unpopular move by the Google-owned company – the de-monetization of any content deemed “controversial or sensitive” – a policy which is clearly designed to disincentivize YouTubers rom making “offensive” or politically incorrect videos.

YouTube’s crowd sourcing of censorship is not far removed from Communist China’s Orwellian “social credit” system, which tasks citizens with policing each other’s behavior online via a snitch program that ranks their trustworthiness.

Social justice warriors are already salivating at the prospect of mass flagging my videos for deletion under the new program.

“If YouTube approves me for Heroes, I am scorch-earthing every one of these pathetic racist ass videos off the face of the planet. Make them while you can,” one of them commented on my video about the riots in Charlotte.

Several prominent YouTubers, with millions of collective subscribers, have already made videos denouncing the program, the best of which can be viewed below.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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