Forty percent of Democrats were comfortable telling a Morning Consult/Politico pollster they’re “happy” about President Trump testing positive for coronavirus and 31 percent said they’re “excited.”

On the other hand, 55 percent of Republicans said they were “sad” and 51 percent said “worried” (participants were asked to pick their top two emotions).

Of course, one look at Twitter could tell you Democrats are absolutely thrilled.

There were so many people celebrating the prospect of Trump’s death that Twitter announced they were going to suspend users who wished for him to die.

“What’s it tell you when a section of Americans openly wish death to the elected President of the United States and the First Lady, while protesting for the lives of violent criminals, thugs and rapists?” Andy Ngo said in a tweet on Friday evening.

It tells you all you need to know.

Will the rapid roll out of Abbott Labs rapid tests move us further along the road to lockdown with false positives and vaccine passports?

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