Kurt Nimmo
June 11, 2010

On June 10, Paul Joseph Watson wrote about a vicious attack on a man exercising his First Amendment right to oppose government spending in North Carolina. Nathan Tabor was sucker punched. As he told Fox News later (see video below), the police issued Tabort a summons for criminal assault for the crime of protecting his wife and child from the violence of a pro-Obama thug.

As should be expected, the original video posted by Watson was removed by YouTube due to terms of use violation, a common tactic employed by YouTube to take down videos it does not agree with or that have received complaints. YouTube supposedly has a policy against posting violent videos and yet the site is rife with such videos, including videos of girls engaged in violent fights (here and here and here, there are dozens).

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So it can’t be the violence. Maybe it has something to do with exposing the fact that at least some Obama supporters are criminal thugs who believe debate consists of punching people in the face the same way Hitler’s SA street thugs did. Paul’s article has videos showing violence inflicted on the political opposition by other Obamatrons.

Google, the transnational corporation that owns YouTube, donated $373,212 to the Obama campaign, right behind Goldman Sachs. Do you think this might have something to do with the site taking down the video in a 24 hour period?

Finally, in order to put to rest the myth that Dr. Change is all about peace and love (minus Afghans, Iraqis, and Pakistanis), consider the video below taped in 2008. In the video, Obama calls for getting in the face of people who disagree with his bankster agenda.

I guess the man who assaulted Mr. Tabor took Obama’s call to heart. Had this neanderthal tried to assault one of the open carry activists at a couple Obama events Chris Matthews hysterical complained about a few months ago, the result may have been a bit different.

No telling how long these videos will remain posted on YouTube now that we have posted them on Infowars.com.

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