The strong hand of YouTube censorship has struck down a powerful voice speaking out against the human rights violations of the climate action movement.

Filmmaker J. D. King has been actively proving the destructive reality and profit driven motivations behind climate change legislation and geo-engineering.

His latest endeavor, a film entitled “Vice Bear” ( ), seeks to shine a light on the thriving polar bear populations.

The polar bear floating on remnants of melting ice caps is the very symbol of the climate movement used to appeal to people’s emotionally vulnerable decision making. King’s latest film promises to showcase the opposite is true: both the polar bear and the ice are thriving.

Just before appearing as a guest on Monday’s Infowars Nightly News, King had posted the full length movie, “Blue Beats Green,” to his YouTube account, the theme of which was pro-freedom, pro-economic development, and pro-environment. Denouncing the profit driven extortion of the public to pay for companies that have not endured the free market system, “Blue Beats Green” made the case for the necessity of a less legislative approach to caring for the environment.

By the time his interview with the Nightly News hit the official Infowars YouTube page on Tuesday, King’s own YouTube account had been terminated, citing “violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.”


The indicator of “misleading content,” seemingly the only suitable descriptor in this case, was decided by a moderator for the popular video publishing site.

If you are in bed with those that would profit greatly from Orwellian control over the population, including taxing the air you breathe, it seems you are free to tout polar bears surfing the arctic on iceberg boogie boards. But if you challenge that system with facts proving thriving polar bear populations and growing ice formations, you’ll have to find an alternate publishing outlet.


You can find more information on J. D. King and his projects at

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