Pulverized Human Remains Point to Explosive Destruction

January 14, 2012

A recent New York Times article revealed that a decade after 9/11, small fragments of human remains from victims from the World Trade Center towers are still being identified. This adds to the documented evidence of the severe destruction of the bodies of WTC victims, a phenomenon that could only have been caused by explosives.

According to the NYC medical examiner’s office, remains are being identified almost every day.

This excerpt from the article reveals how harrowing the recovery of destroyed human remains has been on the families of 9/11 victims:

When Sean Tallon, a firefighter, was identified, his family never considered the possibility that there might be additional calls.

“We were so relieved to have part of him to put in the coffin that it didn’t matter how much it was at that stage,” Mr. Tallon’s sister, Rosaleen Tallon, said. But for three years, the family received calls from the medical examiner’s office as more of his remains were identified.

“I had a cry” after each call, Mr. Tallon’s mother, Eileen Tallon, said. The family eventually conducted a second funeral, opening the grave and placing the new remains in a small wooden box just above his coffin.”

Firefighter Sean Tallon is just one of many WTC victims whose destroyed remains are being continuously identified

This is only one of hundreds of news articles that have reported on the recovery and identification of WTC bone fragments and other human remains from Ground Zero over the last ten years.

For example, a search in 2010 found 76 more fragments of remains on the roof of the 40-story Deutsche Bank building 250 feet from the South Tower. Previously, over 750 human bone fragments, each less than a half-inch long, were collected from this roof.

Amidst the ongoing efforts to collect and identify these remains, there is one important question that investigators have neglected to ask: How were the victims’ remains pulverized?

• Around 22,000 individual fragments of human remains have been found.
• 9,000 remains have yet to be connected to a victim.

• Approximately 6,000 pieces recovered were small enough to fit into the test tube.
• In one case, more than 300 pieces found were from one single victim.
• Fewer than 300 victims were found intact.
No remains have been found for 1,121 WTC victims.

The bone fragments found on the Deutsche Bank building could not have been generated from the plane impacts. The plane that hit the nearby South Tower flew over the Deutsche bank building – sending its ejections toward WTC 7.

These horrible facts do not support the official theory that the Twin Towers suffered a “gravitational” collapse. One would expect in such a theoretical collapse scenario to find most of the bodies trapped, and certainly “mangled”, between 110 floors. Instead, both the floors and the bodies were pulverized and violently ejected hundreds of feet in all directions.

The documented extreme pulverization of the victims’ bodies can only be explained by tremendous explosive force –the type of explosive force that destroyed the Twin Towers, by means of pre-planted explosives and incendiaries. As terrible as it is to contemplate, this explosive evidence of pulverized human remains underscores the need for a real 9/11 investigation.

Family members of the victims of the WTC catastrophe also have also signed the AE911Truth petition and spoken out along with us for a new WTC investigation. You will find their stories in our new documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”:

Bob McIlvaine

“My name is Bob McIlvaine. I’m from right outside the Philadelphia area. I’m the father of Bobby McIlvaine, who was killed in the lobby of the North Tower on September 11th, 2001. I’ve been searching to get the truth of exactly what happened to Bobby.”

“Bobby was one of the first ten bodies found. We took him home that week. We were one of the few. I finally found the doctor who examined him. He gave me an outline of a body, and he described all the injuries he had. But the fact is that all his injuries were in the face, the front of his face, his face was blown off, massive cuts in his chest, and his right arm were blown off. To me, that means explosion.”

Jane Pollicino

“My husband Steve was 48 years old when he was killed on September 11th. I have no identification. Why is that? It seems to me we should know why for over 1000 victims there are no trace for and no identification… of over 1000 victims. We should know why there are over 700 bone fragments found on the top of Deutsche Bank building less than a half an inch long, we should have that information, why were they up there, why weren’t they found? What kind of explosion was there?”

Michele Little

My brother was my best friend. David has always been a fire fighter, my brother went in to save people’s lives. I’m a family member trying to find out the answers to the murder of 3,000 plus people.

Just a few years ago they were still finding body parts on the roofs of buildings. What is that?

The family members deserve the truth about the murder of their loved ones. Help them by joining us in calling for a real investigation of the explosive evidence. Do whatever you can do. Take local action now in your community. We cannot achieve massive public awareness without your involvement. With your active participation, this grassroots movement will indeed take hold in our country and across the world.

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