Co-author Steve Pieczenik says iconic writer was suspicious about official narrative

Paul Joseph Watson
October 3, 2013

Iconic author Tom Clancy questioned the Bush administration’s claim that they knew nothing about the 9/11 plot in advance because he had written a book 7 years beforehand based around that very premise, his co-author Steve Pieczenik told the Alex Jones Show.

Clancy died in hospital yesterday at the age of 66. He was the author of numerous high profile books, many of which were turned into movies, including The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games.

Steve Piezcenik is a former deputy assistant secretary of state under four different presidents who also co-authored around 30 books with Clancy.

Piezcenik confirmed that Clancy was “suspicious” about 9/11, noting that he had written a book which depicted a similar attack years before. The plot of Clancy’s 1994 novel Debt of Honor revolves around a Japanese terrorist hijacking and crashing a jetliner into the US Capitol.

“So when Condoleezza Rice responded in front of the 9/11 Commission that nobody had ever thought of this concept that a plane could have been attacking any one of our buildings….Tom had already written about this almost ten years beforehand and it was well known,” said Piezcenik, adding that fictional plots revolving around terrorism had to first be cleared with national security officials.

Pieczenik also said that Clancy was a regular listener to the Alex Jones Show.

“I think he would have been very honored to be celebrated on your show, he was a great admirer of your show, he always listened to it….he would always be amazed by some of the things you did and what you said about 9/11,” Piezcenik told Jones.

Pieczenik said that Clancy finished a book before his death which revolves around the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and that this will be published soon.

Piezcenik himself has made headlines on numerous occasions for claiming that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that the 2011 raid which supposedly led to his death was a hoax.

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh, whom Piezcenik has known for decades, recently told the Guardian that the Bin Laden raid was “one big lie” and that “not one word” of the Obama administration’s narrative on what happened is true.

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