Justin Amash (R-MI) was met with fierce opposition by a few pro-Trump audience members at a town hall in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week.

Amash earned the ire of Trump supporters after coming out in favor of the president’s impeachment earlier this month, a move which prompted a response by Trump himself.

During the town hall one African American man asked why Republicans don’t unite behind Trump for the betterment of the country.

“From what I’m seeing for the black community and minorities is that Trump is good for America, and I’m wondering why Republicans and Democrats are fighting him so much when he’s doing such a good job,” the man told Amash. “And you’re demonizing him on something that you know is not true. It’s just bewildering to me that you can treat the President of the United States in this way especially when he’s doing such a good job for the minorities and black people.”

Another Trump supporter, this time a woman who claimed she’d voted for Amash in every election since 2010, also delivered a fiery rant calling out the RINO for failing to stick by Trump as the going got tough.

“Since that time I’ve changed my position on you,” she told him.

“You have to [be able to] prove that Trump knew that he was guilty of a crime and knowingly tried to obstruct justice based on that, OK? You don’t have proof of that, you don’t have proof of corrupt intent, you don’t.”

“You further know that impeachment would tear this country apart if it went through and he were removed from office. It would cause a political upheaval in this country people in this generation have never seen before, a possible civil war.”

Watch the Trump supporters take Amash to the woodshed:

Also see Amash’s response following the woman’s statement:

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