Censorship refugees are migrating to the encrypted service Telegram after Silicon Valley tech giants banned them for having the wrong opinions.

Media personalities such as Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones and Laura Loomer have created accounts and groups within the messaging service, which is being described as a past version of Twitter, before censorship reared its ugly head.

Watson on Tuesday reported he received nearly 3,000 followers on the service overnight.

Here are the Telegram accounts of some of the media personalities un-personed by Instagram last week:

Alex Jones – https://t.me/real_AlexJones
Milo Yiannopoulos – https://t.me/officialmilo
Laura Loomer – https://t.me/loomeredofficial
Paul Joseph Watson – https://t.me/pjwnews
Faith Goldy – https://t.me/faithgoldy

Already leftists at The Daily Beast are freaking out conservatives are finding new mediums through which to express themselves.

With new free speech platforms absorbing Big Tech’s Orwellian censorship campaign, it’s looking doubtful the information gatekeepers will be able to stop the spread of conservative opinions in time to prevent a 2nd-term Trump presidency.

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