Aaron Dykes
October 9, 2008

  Playing upon global feelings of inadequacy, Zoellick sells the idea of greater centralized controls and a greater world body to supercede the G7.

In the wake of global economic fears, World Bank chief Robert Zoellick has proposed a new multilateral steering group “suiting our times” to replace the G7, which he attacked as “no longer effective.” Such a group would include not only the rich nations, but also emerging powers like China, India and Brazil and would be more ‘flexible.’

“We will not create a new world simply by remaking the old. It should be numberless, flexible, and over time, it could evolve. Others may be added, especially if their rising influence is matched by a willingness to help shoulder responsibilities” Zoellick added.

Such a proposal offers the solution of further constriction, like a python, to supercede the G7 and impose greater world control. Zoellick envisions that new reforms would “bring together over 70 percent of the world’s gross domestic product, 56 percent of the world population, 62 percent of global energy production, the world’s major carbon emitters, big donor countries, and the main players in global capital, commodity, and exchange rate markets.”

Zoellick announced a commission to be spurned by former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo to “modernize the World Bank’s governance structure” and combat dominance by the United States and European powers.

Zoellick joins numerous banks and leaders such as Gordon Brown in calling for a “new financial world order.” He also echoes proposals last month from Jeffrey Garten, a protege of Bilderberger Henry Kissinger, for a new global monetary authority.

Once again, policy makers who triggered the crisis are ready to formulate the solution– a more-global globalization, squeezing together the world market to invest in a collective illusory fraud.

IMF documents show that America was long targeted for destruction, and former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz was able to predict economic collapse years two ago. As Paul Joseph Watson previously wrote:

Establishment mouthpieces tell viewers to go back to sleep while former World Bank chief economist and nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz predicts a global crash – caused by the very predatory globalist policies of the IMF and World Bank that are still presented to us as the solution for economic turmoil.

Investigative reporter Daniel Estulin and others exposed the fact that Bilderberg’s elite members made the decision to pop the bubble at their 2006 confab in Ottawa, Canada. Fellow Bilderberger and neocon Robert Zoellick is merely carrying out his part of the plan– and more medicine is once again the “solution.”

And sovereignty, as it states here, would be a vestigial formality under the new world body as it seduces in its new victims. Again, the World Bank and IMF would be the real power behind the chic new-multilateral group, and would clearly make key decisions

The new system would respect state sovereignty but require a “sense of shared responsibility,” he said.

Zoellick said the group… may need back up from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to identify emerging problems and solutions.

Zoellick points out that both Obama and McCain are in lock-step on the decision to “strengthen the sinews of America’s ties with the world.” Therefore it is clear that either new president would support such widespread reforms with almost unquestionable obedience.

Zoellick has criticized the focus on wealthy Western nations while developing nations face the ‘tipping point towards deeper poverty’ due to global food and fuel crises. Such nations “must prepare for a drop in trade, capital flows, remittances, domestic investment as well as a slowdown in growth.”

Therefore, Zoellick said challenging times will require the World Bank and the IMF to step in and act quickly.

This should sound an alarm bell. The IMF and World Bank, who have acted in tandem to draw third countries into impossible loans tied with unfavorable conditions, who have taken over assets and also taken control of further development, should be rightfully seen as rapers and pillagers– not as saviors.

“Some countries will slip toward balance of payments crises. As is always the case, the most poor are the most defenseless,” he added.

Defenseless against the IMF and World Bank, lying in wait with jaws agape.

As always, the global elite are in position to consolidate wealth as soon as a tightening of the money supply and of credit-lines, caused by the globalists, trigger the crises: “Decline in growth and worsening credit conditions, combined with monetary tightening, will trigger business failures and possibly banking emergencies.”

The third world in particular will be drawn into in the hands of the very bankers who planned to squeeze credit and prey upon economic vulnerability.

But wait, Zoellick still has another trick under his hat. The IMF and other banks could help larger countries with policy reforms to “return the country to sustainable growth.”

Zoellick’s proposed body would also be formed, in part, to tackle the problem of keeping vested interests interested while “transitioning toward lower carbon growth strategies.”

The World Bank chief hailed: a “global bargain” between energy producers and consumers in which both sides shared plans for expanding supplies, improving efficiency and lessening demand, increasing energy to the poor, and addressing climate change.

In other words, Zoellick’s institution would make it their business to regulate phony solutions like “carbon credits” and otherwise check any remaining economic independence against supposed environmental problems.

Once again, a “global solution” for a “global problem.” Demand will be reduced and allowances will be tightly controlled under a “sustainable” existence were people and nations alike will be bound by global institutions pretending to save the world.

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