Since even before the inception of Ebola fears within the United States, doctors and experts alike have been sounding the alarm over the underground measures taken by the CDC to “disappear” patients exhibiting signs of a potential Ebola infection.

We have heard warnings from former top Border Patrol Agent Zach Taylor, who revealed both in a March video and through an appearance on The Alex Jones Show, that the CDC was ‘snatching up’ individuals with flu-like symptoms on the border. We have heard warnings from physicians behind the scenes at medical conferences, detailing how up to 40 cases of potential Ebola are reported each day to the CDC by qualified health professionals and are virtually ignored.

But until now, these physicians have demanded to stay anonymous for fear that they could lose their license and be terminated from their positions. Leading the charge in informing the public as to what we have already gathered from medical professionals speaking off the record, Dr. James Lawrenzi, DO, exclusively confirmed these reports by other doctors regarding actions taken by the CDC to come in and “disappear” patients from hospitals who show signs of Ebola.

Appearing on The Alex Jones Show for the first public breakdown of what we have been told by others in the field, Lawrenzi dropped informational bombshells that the mainstream media should be very concerned about:

Furthermore, Lawrenzi independently verified additional claims by doctors who we have personally spoken to regarding the state of unpreparedness within these institutions to handle even a single case of Ebola, the rapidly declining moral of medical staff who continually threaten to quit their jobs in the event of an Ebola patient being taken under care of the hospital, and the complete lack of concern from the CDC when it comes to medical doctors relaying these concerns to the agency.

As expected, Lawrenzi has already received a large degree of opposition from the medical establishment for speaking out. And as expected, media outlets continue to ignore this information as they did with Zach Taylor.

But for how long will the media be able to stay silent? Already, others in the medical field have shown support for Lawrenzi, Zach Taylor, and the powerful information that has been exposed thanks to courageous medical whistleblowers.

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