Over half of the live music venues in the city of Austin, Texas reportedly estimate they will have to shut down soon if the COVID-19 “lockdown” continues.

The Texas city, known as the live music capital of the world, could soon be void of the familiar sound of bands, DJs and rappers blasting tunes from local bars.

Fox 7 Austin talked with local venue owner Steve Sternschein about the financial crisis.

“Of the fifty-something venues in the city, there’s going to be five or ten left after this,” he explained.

A local survey showed over 60% of live music venues will not make it past October without having to close.

“That survey was done before this re-opening fiasco,” Sternschein noted. “It would be amazing if we could get to October without meaningful help.”

Will the legendary music venues of the live music capital survive COVID-19 or will another American city lose its heart and soul?

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