CNN was forced to deny charges that they helped stage an Muslim anti-terror protest in London, but their excuse doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

A video that emerged last night shows CNN reporter Becky Anderson organizing and directing a group of Muslims holding anti-terror signs the day after Islamic terrorists killed seven and injured nearly 50 in London.

Anderson ensures that the demonstrators are positioned perfectly before recording her piece to camera, during which she describes the scene as “wonderful”.

The same group was also filmed at multiple other locations, suggesting further coordination with media outlets.

After the network was bombarded with claims that they helped stage the protest, CNN was forced to respond.

“This is nonsense. Police let demonstrators through the cordon to show their signs. CNN along with other media simply filmed them doing so,” CNN International said in a statement.

“Police allowed demonstrators thru cordon “so they could show their signs” to media, @CNNPR says. CNN, BBC, AP “simply filmed them doing so,” claimed CNN’s Brian Stelter.

This is why CNN’s denial is complete BS.

Can you imagine any other scenario outside of CNN wanting to push a narrative that they would behave like this?

If Tommy Robinson was leading an anti-sharia law protest in London after a massive terror attack, would police let him through a cordon?

Would Muslim officers be placed alongside him to ensure his message looked more authentic?

Would CNN reporters carefully shepherd other protesters into a neat formation so they could get the best shot?

The answer in each case is no.

CNN wouldn’t even cover an anti-sharia protest because it doesn’t fit their agenda that Islam is a “religion of peace”.

If they did give any air time to it, it would be to smear Tommy Robinson and the rest of the anti-sharia protesters as hateful Islamophobes.

CNN wouldn’t do what they did for the anti-terror Muslim protest under any other circumstances other than to advance their own agenda-driven bias.

That’s why their denial is completely ludicrous.

CNN is literally fake news. They should just embrace their true calling and stop trying to pretend to be impartial and neutral. It’s embarrassing.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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