In the wake of the Orlando massacre, the White House has said that Obama may use his ‘phone and pen’ once more to pass gun control measures while bypassing Congress altogether.

“Can you say that the White House has never reached legal determination that has exhausted all of its efforts when it comes to unilaterally acting through executive orders and such on gun control? Has it ever reached that determination or is it still looking?” a reporter asked Press Secretary Josh Earnest Monday.

“I’m not going to rule out that the president may at some point in the future take steps,” Earnest replied.

“But I think we made pretty clear when the president announced a series of executive actions back in January that he had asked his team to consider every available option for using his executive authority.” he added

At the time, Obama unveiled a plan to introduce federal licenses for all gun sellers and introduce universal background checks for all firearms transactions.

“And the president’s team pursued every available option,” Earnest added.

“But again, they’re also always looking, and if there are new ways to use executive authority to keep the American people safe, the president won’t hesitate to use them,” the Press Secretary said.

Earnest went on to talk about a possible “assault weapons ban,” but could not clarify what exactly that would entail.

“These are weapons of war,” Earnest stated, adding “There was an assault weapons ban that was in place in the ’90s that lapsed during the term of the previous president, and the president believes that that ban on assault weapons should be reinstated.”

“The president feels strongly—I will acknowledge that the technology behind some of these firearms and the way that they comport with certain aspects of certain pieces of legislation is complicated,” Earnest claimed.

“I’m certainly not an expert in them. But there’d previously been an assault weapons ban in place that took weapons of war off our streets. Certainly did not allow an individual to walk into a gun store and walk out that same day with a weapon of war, with a weapon that belongs on the battlefield.” he told reporters, saying that Republicans were blocking such legislation in Congress.

When a reporter suggested the Obama administration might be ‘demonizing’ the AR15 as a way of ramming through gun control legislation, Earnest balked.

“I don’t know that I’m demonizing it and I’m not sure that it’s the most popular gun,” he said.

Much disinformation has once again been bandied around concerning the popular hunting weapon, with some Democrats making wild claims about the gun’s capabilities.

In particular, Democratic Representative Alan Grayson twice claimed that the rifle is capable of firing 700 rounds per minute, which experts say is a gross exaggeration.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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