COMMENT: Kind of like war mongering administrations have a ‘conflict of interest’ in goading-on fear-based, ridiculously impractical and expensive ‘solutions’ to screen ordinary citizens. Or how governments who train terrorists and abed their crimes via their black op agents provocateur (CIA, FBI, etc) should not point out the ‘speck’ in the eyes of American populations in amongst whom 1 ‘terrorist’ in 10 million ordinary people hides. (To say the least)

Marc Ambinder
The Atlantic
January 1, 2010

President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, John O. Brennan, will lead the White House review of intelligence community information practices and aviation security, even though he was CEO of the private company the government used to help manage a key terrorism database before he joined the administration.

In response to questions about Brennan’s potential conflict of interest, White House ethics counsel Norm Eisen has issued a waiver for Brennan, official said.

[efoods]Before he served as CEO of The Analysis Corporation, or TAC, Brennan was the interim director of the first incarnation of the National Counterterrorism Center. In that position, he oversaw the government’s first post 9-11 attempts at community-wide data sharing. Before joining the administration, Brennan spent 35 years in the intelligence community, mostly at the CIA, and served in senior management.

Denis McDonough, chief of staff at the National Security Council, said that the ethics rules “recognize that when the public interest outweighs other issues, an official should be authorized to proceed with an assignment, particularly in the national security arena. Our counsel have determined that to be the case here and have authorized John to proceed-with the understanding that others will review specific issues relating to TAC should any arise.”


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