In the wake of the shooting at a black church in Charleston that took nine lives Wednesday, many calls were issued for stricter gun control in America.

But others frustrated with what the media portrays as an increase in white on black crime took the shooting as a sign to procure guns in self defense, starting the Twitter hashtag #WeWillShootBack as a means of communicating they will not be victimized by white supremacists.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, President Obama and Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. both issued statements blaming the Second Amendment for what took place.

Today it emerged, however, that the 21-year-old shooter actually purchased his firearm legally, overcoming the background check obstacle which leftists claim prevents criminals from buying guns.

Blacks have historically had their right to own guns suppressed. During colonization, Virginia had a race-based gun ban in place entitled “Prohibiting Negroes, slave and free, from carrying weapons including clubs.” Under the Civil War era “Slave Codes” and “Black Codes,” several states also had laws prohibiting blacks from owning firearms.

Unfortunately the racial powder keg has been agitated to the point that some may conflate the racist, George Soros-backed Black Lives Matter movement with the right of all people to bear arms, heeding the #WeWillShootBack meme as a call to attack whites.

Some Twitter users felt the need to clarify this:

With racial tensions high, it’s important to keep in mind the suspected shooter Dylann Roof has stated his ultimate intention was “to start a race war,” and that any violent reaction would merely play into his end goal.

It’s also important to note the fraudulent, colluded attempt by the media and political figures to stoke a race war by highlighting the few instances of white-on-black crime.

As reported by Paul Joseph Watson in the following video, government data does not support the idea that whites are waging a race war on black Americans.

While the motives behind their sudden call to arms may be shaky, it’s astounding in the current anti-gun atmosphere to see more people rally behind the Second Amendment and the God-given right to self defense.

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