Austin American-Statesman Editorial
August 8, 2010

President Barack Obama will be in Austin on Monday. A president honors a city by showing up. A city honors itself in the way it welcomes a president to town. That does not mean lockstep support. But it does mean respectful protest that does us and the First Amendment proud.

How about it, Austin? We can do that, can’t we?

Mr. President, we think you will find a city that realizes it has been fortunate in withstanding the recession better than most. We’re not claiming an Austin miracle, and we know the past few years or so have been rough on many people here.


At its least devastating, the recession has reduced everybody’s home value and put a dent in retirement savings. At its most devastating, the recession has wrecked businesses, careers and lives. However, compared with Detroit and other hard-hit cities, Austin is doing OK.

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