Fox News appears to be subversively promoting President Trump’s impeachment in its DVR recordings, according to a concerned Trump supporter.

“Strangest thing happening with our TV,” Lora Connor tweeted Saturday. “Every time we hit the pause button this picture of protesters with a big sign saying #IMPEACH pops up. That’s not even what we were watching! We tried changing channels but it’s only happening on #FoxNews. Super Creepy!”

The questionable “glitch” is unsurprising, given the network’s open secret of pushing mainstream media talking points against Trump in much of its programming, save for its primetime lineup of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham.

Earlier this week, Carlson criticized “repugnant” Fox host Shepard Smith for his one-sided coverage of the ongoing Trump-Ukraine matter.

President Trump himself has also been questioning Fox News in recent months, claiming that the network “isn’t working for us anymore.”

Alex Jones breaks down Trump’s comments on the MSM.

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