The Harvey Weinstein revelations suggest that The Fappening, the 2014 leak of celebrity nude photos and videos, may have actually been a “casting couch” compilation of lewd content Hollywood execs were forcing up-and-coming actresses to submit in exchange for the hottest roles.

It was definitely a little odd that over 100 actresses just so happened to have very similar nude photos and videos – regardless of their personal views or upbringing – and that all of them were leaked through an “iCloud breach” amid the then-growing accusations against Bill Cosby.

The leaked content could have easily been mistaken for audition clips of wanna-be porn actresses, and that might actually be closer to the truth than most people realize.

Was The Fappening a leak of casting couch content kept by Hollywood execs like Weinstein? And was it intended to humiliate actresses into toeing the line as Bill Cosby starting taking heat in late 2014?

Just take a look at the following 4Chan post from last December, months before the Weinstein revelations:

4Chan was where many of The Fappening photos were dumped.

Now, the official story of The Fappening is that “targeted phishing attacks” managed to breach over 100 phones of major celebrities, many of whom were A-list.

To say that was beyond challenging to accomplish is an understatement.

  1. How did the hackers gain so many phone numbers of major celebrities?
  2. And how did over 100 celebrities fall for the same phishing techniques?  There’s so many factors that could have frustrated the effort, i.e. “phishing emails” landing in the spam folder, naturally skeptical celebrities targeted, etc.

Also, only a handful of individuals were ever prosecuted for The Fappening, and of those prosecuted, only a handful of the over 100 victims were named in court documents.

Now think back to the Podesta email leaks.  All those emails and documents which incriminated hundreds inside the Clinton network… and they were all leaked from a breach of one email account: John Podesta’s, who apparently fell for a phishing attack.

It’s much more plausible that the majority of Fappening photos and videos were leaked from one phone targeted in a phishing attack, and who could have so much lewd content of Hollywood actresses to himself?

A Hollywood exec running a “casting couch” game much like Weinstein.

But here’s another plausible scenario: The photos and videos were leaked intentionally by Hollywood execs to remind talent who’s really running the show, especially in late 2014 as the Bill Cosby firestorm gained ground and the Overton window started shifting in favor of Hollywood sexual abuse victims.

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