A pro-Trump woman was removed from a Bernie Sanders rally after asking him if he’d stop traveling in private jets while he was lecturing about combating climate change.

The woman, who was wearing a Trump shirt, repeatedly shouted at Sanders about his jet travel during a rally in San Antonio, Texas, on Saturday as attendees around her pushed her and tried to cover her mouth.

“Are you going to give up your planes? Your jets! You’re a hypocrite! Are you going to give away your jets?” the woman, identified as Martha Doss of activist group Just Another Channel, shouted to Sanders.

As more Bernie supporters began shoving and pushing the woman, two men dressed in black, presumably security, escorted Doss out of the venue as Sanders continued on about climate change.

Outside of the venue, Doss explained that she wanted to highlight Sanders’ hypocrisy on climate change.

“I was just saying if he was going to give away his jets, his planes, if he’s going to give them away, because he’s a hypocrite talking about climate change. He’s such a hypocrite,” she said. “He talks about climate change, I’m wondering if he’s going to give up his jets. How did he get here? He probably got here by a plane.”

Doss added that she noticed the attendees of the Bernie rally emitted a foul odor.

“Those people are crazy. They stunk!” she said. “Oh God these people stunk so bad. They looked like that hadn’t bathed in days.”

Just Another Channel also confronted Joe Biden in San Antonio last December about his son’s Ukraine ties.

They also confronted Hillary Clinton in Austin last November about Bill Clinton’s alleged rapes.

Russia, Russia, Russia. No, this time it really was Russians with a prank call. Bernie must wish the Soviets were still in power. Buttigieg is pranking voters, pretending he’s NOT a Marxist. In high school he won an award for his essay admiring Bernie.

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