CNN is claiming that a “manipulated video” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is spreading the “false claim that she was slurring her words after a meeting with Trump,” but below is a C-Span video of Nancy Pelosi at her weekly legislative briefing with reporters on May 23.

The video is embedded directly from

Watch the video and decide for yourself. Is Pelosi slurring her words? Is she tripping over them? Is her speech slow? Or does she seem fine? We’re leaving this up for you to decide.

Unlike CNN, which just tells their audience what to think, we’re showing you the video straight from C-Span so you can use your own mind to think for yourself.

Make your own decision – that’s what true civil discourse is all about. You are just as important as CNN, if not more important. So why do you need the mainstream media telling you how to think?

Analyze all sides of the prism and decide for yourself. Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page below because it’s okay to engage in civil discussions. Don’t feel isolated!

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