The Democrats have made it abundantly murky, we are facing a Constitutional Crisis.

Agreed, there must be checks and balances between the executive and legislative branches, but which one of these branches is overstepping its authority?

On the one hand, President Trump is now stonewalling an unrelenting investigation by Congress into every aspect of his financial and personal life.

An investigation that should have ended with the conclusion of the Mueller report, thus allowing America to tackle the increasingly important issues facing its survival – namely the immigration crisis that more and more Americans are becoming concerned with, according to recent polling.

On the other hand, Jerry Nadler and a horde of disingenuous Democrats want to continue a Russian collusion smear campaign that’s run out of gas, demanding all of Trump’s financial records in a vague attempt to link Trump to the Russian Government.

They’re also pivoting on the Don McGahn incident, where Trump had instructed former White House lawyer McGahn to have then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller – an order McGahn ignored, claiming this was obstruction.

Obstruction of what? There was no collusion.

The Democrats doth protest too much.

They continue to harass a president found innocent, offering zero explanation of their knowledge of the real Constitutional crisis we are facing.

The crisis where Democratic operatives of the legislative branch who couldn’t accept the constitutional election of the President were in league with rogue agents of the United States intelligence services to illegally spy on then-candidate Trump. They supported a fraudulent Dossier, that in turn created illegal FISA warrants, which led to a two-year 35-million-dollar investigation that turned up a giant nothing burger.

The only real Constitutional Crisis is in the investigation now sitting on the Attorney General’s desk.

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